HE PuzzleLogo 2015bTo continue our development on the HeroEngine and HeroCloud services (and continue development on the DX11 update), we will be performing a database upgrade to our databases servicing authentication, websites and customer services on October 31st starting at 7 am (ET). Downtime is expected to last up to 6-10 hours, but we hope it will be less.

During this maintenance, all of our websites and services (including authentication) will be affected.  If you are already connected to a world, you (or your team) may continue to develop without interruption.  However, should you lose connection you may or may not be able to reconnect until the maintenance is completed.

We are also updating some of the web services, will update the news when we are finished with those.

Update: All worlds were up and running last night and tested- they are all running perfectly, you can log into your worlds safely.