2019 12 merger     Release: December 31, 2019. For Immediate Release

Idea Fabrik PLC. and TGS Tech LLC. are happy to announce the strategic partnership of their business operations to offer unified development, licensing and support solutions to the enterprise market. Under the new contract between the two companies, TGS Tech will handle day to day operations, development and management as well as customer contracts.

The two companies have been working closely over the past three years and a half years. In order to optimize and improve development and support, TGS Tech LLC and Idea Fabrik PLC have entered into an Operations Partnership.

Christopher Larsen and key personnel have joined the TGS company to continue the development of HeroEngine alongside Ronald Farrel and Sarrene’ Grant. Working together over the past 4 years, the members of both companies have forged a positive working relationship which has forged a solid workflow between teams and projects. Together they will bring HeroEngine to the forefront of the 3D virtual market and to expand HeroEngine’s target audiences and bring it into the SmartCity and architectural market. With the recent updates to HeroEngine over the last three years, the focus will shift to the modernization of graphic capabilities and enhanced user tools already built into HeroEngine.

Alex Shalash, CEO of Idea Fabrik Plc and the Advisory Board member for TGS commented, "Working together for the past three years has created a bond between engineering and management teams of both companies and aligned our strategic goals to deliver the highest levels of service and product innovation to our clients and open new markets"
Alex Shalash brings along experience in finance and his passion for HeroEngine to the new team as a member of the Advisory Board for TGS. Through continuous communication with the principle team to bring HeroEngine to the international market, his experience helps to round the Advisory Board as a valuable member.

Christopher Larson, CTO for IF Studios, and now TGS also commented stating, “We look forward to expanding what has been an excellent relationship over the years through the consolidation of our teams under one unified business and development strategy. It is with great pleasure that I view the future of HeroEngine ever improving on the technology and increasing its value for all of our customers.

Christopher Larsen is one of the original and key developers of HeroEngine and has lead many key developments and teams for the engine for the past 16 years. Guiding principle development direction and engineer/developer of the HSL bridge language, Christopher Larsen has created a system that allows all aspects of the engine from server and network to developer tools to talk seamlessly together. This has given HeroEngine the edge over other competing software by allowing companies to focus on development and streamline the lengthy and expensive set up and development processes.


About the companies and HeroEngine:

Idea Fabrik, PLC. was founded in December 2009 with the belief that creating innovative online video games and other 3D applications relies on a foundation of world-class development technology that is easy to use and collaborative by design. In 2010, the company further refined its vision and embarked on a mission to break down many of the barriers to even more rapid growth in the already exciting online market.

TGS, LLC was founded in 2009 by three experienced game and software developers. Their principal goal was to give clients the openness and transparency into the development process to inspire and nurture the creativity in all programming and 3D projects through gamification. TGS develops, supports, and stewards technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, innovation, and production.

HeroEngine is the only real-time 3d engine that allows developers and clients to work together in real-time. It was built from the ground up to include the primary features needed by teams large or small to work more efficiently and increase productivity. Networking, versioning, real-time development and editing are included in the base engine. This saves developers and companies valuable time and money by allowing them to focus on the creative part of the development of the project, and rely on the HeroEngine's engineering team's deep technical expertise.


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